Friday, January 6, 2017

Many colorful churches カラフルな教会

I walked to the center on foot. It is actually just one and a half subway station away, but Kyiv is big and the subway stations are not close to each other like in other European cities. It took more than an hour.


Then after that I went to the Ukrainian State museum of the Great Patriotic War and to the Motherland Monument. The statue with a sabel and a schield is about 90 meters tall and we can go up to the shield. But it was very cold that day and I gave up. It might be nice in summer.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas in Kyiv キエフのクリスマス

Ukrainian religion is Orthodox and they have Christmas on January 7th. In the main square of the city Christmas market is opened and there were lots of people.



Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chernobyl museum チェルノブイリ博物館

It was slightly snowing outside. Chernobyl museum was not very far from the hotel, only about 10 minutes on foot. In front it is written "Chornobyl Museum". The name "Chernobyl" has been spread with Russian name, but in Ukrainian the name of the city is Chornobyl. I have never known it before.


In the small museum, we can see newspaper articles, clothes or masks of the workers at reactors, videos. Some of video coders or terminals to search information were donated by Japanese government, for each I was able to see a small seal "JAPAN". Mr Aso's signature was also there who seemed to visit there then.


Watching in a map, Kyiv is not very far from Chernobyl. The wind brought everything toward north then. I tried to read newspaper articles of the day. There were lots of people working in Chernobyl, with the title "our reactor" it is written in very detail how and what happened at the reactors that supplied much of electricity in Ukraine.


In Japan by now, there is no facility or museum to see what happened in Fukushima in 2011. Possibly here. Downstairs there were some panels after Fukushima case.

This is an article from 2013 in RocketNews, there are lots of pictures and a video.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mennya Musashi in Kyiv キエフの麺屋武蔵

The restaurant in Konstiantynivska street. There are two more in Kyiv.


Chasu is written in Russian "Chashu". English translation seems even strange.


I was surprised to hear that a young man slurped the ramen. And there were many customers, men or women, who came here alone, ate and then went out.  Ramen ist much more popular here than in Vienna. Moreover, it costs less than five Euro.


The next vist, I asked to serve the soup hotter, it was for me. But please work hard to improve how to cook Gyoza. Even though, it was great overall.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Kyiv, a city near from Vienna but different キエフ、ウィーンから近くて遠い町

I was wondering where to go after New Year, I thought of practicing Russian after I spoke a little in Katowice. I need a visa to travel toRussia, where else? Ukraine!


In my further research where in Ukraine, I happend to find that there are ramen Musashi restaurants in Kyiv. It seemed that I was just attracted to Japanese food in Europe as I went to Katowice, but well, hotel is inexpensive and all other things are cheap. Done.


It was just within two-hour flight to Kyiv from Vienna. I booked the hotel in last minutes, I got a upgraded room. The hotel was in art nouveau style and furnitures were also very chic, just two subway stations away from the very center. From the window, I saw a beautiful church on the top of a hill.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Silesia in Poland ポーランドのシレジア

On the last day, I had some time before departure and decided to vist museum to learn more history about this city. What they guy on the day before told me was, Katowice is in Silesia and this region has different history from the rest of Poland. The museum is just in front of the center square.


The Silesian Principality within the kingdom of Poland ravaged after the death of the principal by Mongolian invasion in Poland. They invited many immigrants from the neighbor Holy Roman Empire to rebuilt the Principality. Later it became a part of the kingdom of Bohemia, then went back and forth between Prussia and Habsburg. First after the World War II it finally belonged to Poland. So from the Mongolian invasion in 13th century until the end of the WWII, for about 600 years the region was not Poland. Such environment is hard to imagine from an island like Japan. I felt the city like somewhere in Germany in my first impression, but it was not necessarily wrong.


I still had some time left, I wanted to eat something. I cannot eat anything once I get in the bus to Vienna. I went to the cafe near the main square, a young Polish girl came up to take my order. I ordered today's special lunch and this beer. This beer was really great.

まだ時間があったので、 何か食べることにする。ウィーン行きのバスに乗ってしまったら8時間何も食べられない。広場の近くにあるカフェに入る。若い女の子がオーダーを採りにきたので、スペシャルランチとこのビールを注文する。このビールが本当においしかった。

In the cafe they had German newspaper. I asked her if she can speak German, and then she told me "No. My English is poor, too, I am sorry. I speak Polish, Russian and Ukrainian." She seemed to be Ukrainian. She looked a little bit nervous while speaking in English. I was surprised to meet a European to say I am sorry in such the case.

お店にはドイツ語の新聞も置いてあるので、この彼女にもドイツ語は話せるのか聞いてみたら、「話せません。英語もあまりうまく話せないし、ごめんなさい。ポーランド語、ロシア語、ウクライナ語だけです。」 どうも彼女はウクライナ人のようだ。話すときにも少しナーバスになっていた感じ。正直、こういう状況で「ごめんなさい」というヨーロッパ人に会ったことに驚いた。

Then I spoke to her in Russian, "I am sorry, too, that I am not able to speak Polish". I was glad that her face suddenly brightened.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Cultural exhange with polish people2 ポーランド人と交流する2

On my third day in Katowice, I happend to find a nice craft beer bar.
There at the counter as usual, a Polish guy talked to me from my behind. Maybe he is in the middle of 30s.

 "Hey, where are you from? Why are you doing here now?"

 "I came from Vienna to say cheers with you, of course."

He works in an automotive supplier, in the same field as I do, he knew my company. We talked a lot, drank a lot together, he was somehow afraid that his wife would be angry that he would be too late. He let me talk on the phone, that he is still all right. Something clicks with him and it does not happen quite often.




It seemed that even with his wife and a pretty daugther, he more wanted to drink and talk with me. Actually I do not clearly remember when I went back to my hotel, I remember one thing. He said a quite interesting thing to me:

  Here, Silesia is different from any other part of Poland.

The next day, I learned it by professor google.